About Our Work in the Community

The word “Community” can mean a whole city of people, a suburb of people and anywhere a group of people interact together such as neighbours, family, sports teams, religious groups etc.

Restorative practice builds and maintains positive relationships and transforms harm caused to relationships in any type of community.


Exciting Learning Opportunity

We are thrilled to be offering our one-day Introduction to Restorative Practice Workshop to the Whanganui community on a Saturday this year. If you are a member of a team, community group or family, this workshop will show you how Restorative Practice offers a...

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Restorative Practice is Learning & Connecting

"I want more" "Keep RP Alive" "Amazing" Just some of the responses from participants completing the two day "Formal Restorative Practice Facilitation" workshop with Margaret Thorsborne. Participants came from a diversity of organisations such as health, local...

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