The Whanganui Restorative Practices Trust

The Whanganui Restorative Practices Trust, established in 2012, is a charitable non-government organisation working towards New Zealand’s first Restorative City.


“Whanganui: Towards a Restorative City-Honoa Ki A Rongo Ki Whanganui”: creating the environment for all Whanganui people to thrive and succeed together through respectful relationships.”


“To be NZ leaders in Restorative Practice by:

– collaborating with individuals and organisations to bring about positive changes

– inspiring individuals and organisations to implement restorative practices

– providing restorative practice learning and networking opportunities”

About Restorative Practices Whanganui

Restorative Practices Whanganui is the operating body promoting and encouraging the Whanganui community to take up the concept of restorative practice by:

  • building and repairing relationships – being respectful, and understanding the impact of our behaviour (both positive and negative)
  • empowering individuals, teams and work communities, so that groups build confidence and control over their lives and school/work activities
  • mutual accountability – everyone takes responsibility for their own actions, and repairs harm they may have caused others
  • shared responsibility – by working together, building on the knowledge, skills and resources of the family, the group and the community
  • outcome and solution focused – basing all action on the focus of a good end result

Where did the Whanganui Restorative Practices Trust come from?

The Whanganui Restorative Justice Trust (established in 1999), decided to take the principles of restorative justice into the community. To do that we formed the Whanganui Restorative Practices Trust so the two were not confused.

The Whanganui Restorative Justice Trust is a nationally accredited provider of the Court referred and victim focussed restorative justice programme. It is well regarded in Whanganui and in New Zealand and continues to work successfully with existing stakeholders including Police, Courts, Probation, Ministry of Education and Schools.

The Whanganui Restorative Practices Trust Patron is Judge Andrew Becroft, Youth Court Judge. Judge Becroft was the District Court Judge in Whanganui from 1996 to 2001.

The Whanganui Restorative Practices Trust Trustees are:
David Alexander
Duane Brown
Kat Buchanan
Jenny Saywood
Lorraine Sheenagh (Chair)

Pictured below are some present and past Trustees.


Members of the Restorative City Advisory Group are key leaders from a cross sector of Whanganui organisations such as: government and non-government agencies, education providers, Iwi, private enterprise.  Other Members are from the Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice/Practice at Victoria University and Chief Social Worker of Ministry of Social Development in Wellington.  The Restorative City Advisory Group members pledge / ki taurangi to work towards the “Towards a Restorative City” vision.

The Whanganui Restorative Practices Trust is a founding member of the Restorative International Learning Community established in 2014.  Other members are from Wellington, Canberra in Australia, Vermont in the USA, Halifax in Nova Scotia and Leeds and Hull in the UK.