We were pleased to be involved in transforming conflict within a pensioner housing complex and with staff of the Whanganui District Council.

In 2015, the Whanganui District Council committed to the “Towards a Restorative City” vision through their “Leading Edge” document.   Mayor Annette Main requested a formal facilitation service to help resolve a tenant’s inappropriate behaviour at one of their housing complexes. The inappropriate behaviour had been occurring for over a year and when Council staff received complaints about the behaviour, they approached the tenant to resolve it. Unfortunately, the behaviour continued and as Council were concerned for the welfare of the other tenants, there were grounds for the tenant to find alternative accommodation.

A formal restorative practice facilitation process was followed with approved Facilitators who successfully assisted the participants to share and learn from each other about the issues causing the inappropriate behaviour.  The group of participants were able to talk openly and honestly together and came up with their own solutions.  The tenant was able to remain living in the complex.

“it was a worthwhile intervention…we could all see the reasons behind the inappropriate behaviour and address those”

(Restorative Meeting Participant, September, 2015)