Mark your diaries! Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th March, 2017.

We are pleased to organise another popular workshop facilitated by Margaret Thorsborne.

Margaret Thorsborne

Margaret Thorsborne

When relationships amongst staff, and between staff and management, are disrupted the tensions can interfere with productivity.  If serious enough, this can lead to costly stress related sick leave, union issues and resignation.  In the end, people simply hate coming to work.  This workshop will explore the possibilities of taking a restorative approach to solving these sorts of issues.

Built on the philosophy and practice of restorative justice, this approach seeks not to punish or blame people for the difficulties, but to confront the issues from a perspective of what harm has been done, and how might that be fixed. It’s a firm yet fair approach that holds both relationships and accountability at the centre of problem solving.

Margaret Thorsborne, well-known for her restorative practice work in New Zealand, is an experienced workplace facilitator who has provided this training in Australia, USA and UK. Work sectors in which these interventions have been applied include manufacturing, retail, real estate, non-profit agencies, law, information technology & science, & government agencies such as health, education, families & transport.

Registrations of interest are open now – get in touch!