Community circles are an opportunity to make connections with other people living in our neighbourhood and to have conversations about the challenges and opportunities available.  Community Circles are an opportunity to work together to create the neighbourhood we want to live in.

Community Circles are part of the Restorative Neighbourhood Initiative, one of the areas progressing the Restorative City vision.  The kaupapa of the Restorative Neighbourhood Initiative is:  “Strengthen, Belonging, Restoring Balance In Our Neighbourhood: To engage community individuals within their neighbourhood and to enhance their wellbeing, sense of belonging, pride and ownership, safety and strengthen relationships through restorative practice.”

What happens?

Four people are prepared to briefly speak to the group about the challenges and opportunities they currently see in our Neighbourhood.  Smaller groups then discuss together what was heard.  The groups come together again and share learnings / insights to the larger group.

The Neighbourhood Community Circles have been held in the Gonville/Tawhero community at Rutherford Junior High, Tawhero School or the Gonville Community Centre.  Topics have ranged from the pros and cons of technology, offally” good food, filling gaps in the community, how life is complicated and meanings of local street names. The topics generated healthy discussion, differing perspectives and connections. Exactly what community circles are all about!

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Our thanks to the Lotteries Commission and JR McKenzie Trust for their assistance.