Towards a Restorative City
Honoa ki a Rongo ki Whanganui

Looking for Restorative Justice Whanganui?

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Restorative practice builds and maintains positive relationships and transforms harm caused to relationships in any type of community.


Whether your organisation is a government, non-government or private enterprise, restorative practice helps workplaces build and maintain positive relationships among staff and transform conflict when it occurs.


It is never too early for children to learn to relate to each other with dignity, respect, be accountable for their actions and to understand how their actions impact on others.

The Restorative City

Whanganui is the first city in New Zealand to work towards a Restorative City:Creating the environment for all Whanganui people to thrive and succeed together through respectful relationships.”

Opportunity to Drive the Vision!

Are you interested in the wellbeing of the Whanganui community?  Do you want to see a community that bases it's relationships on respect, equality, concern and dignity?  The Whanganui Restorative Practices Trust is seeking an enthusiastic ambassador to promote these...

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Introduction to Restorative Practice Workshop

Want to find out what Restorative Practice is and how you can use it? This workshop will help develop your understanding of, and help you to apply, information restorative practice.  It is a participatory workshop and explores: philosophy and concepts of restorative...

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