Conversation with Judge Andrew Becroft

Judge Andrew Becroft was the District Court Judge in Whanganui from 1996-2001.

In this short video clip, Judge Becroft talks about the Whanganui Restorative City vision.

Restorative Neighbourhood Community Circles

Neighbourhood Community Circles are an opportunity to make connections with other people living in our neighbourhood.  This short video is about how Community Circles feel.

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Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, Victoria University

The Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice serves as the focus for collaborative, interdisciplinary research and teaching on restorative justice theory and practice, both within the justice sector and beyond.

The holder of the Chair, the Professor of Restorative Justice, provides academic and professional leadership to a team of researchers and practitioners, and facilitates collaborative engagement between public sector agencies and civil society organisations on restorative justice issues.

The Government has expressed support for increasing the reach and quality of restorative interventions, and the practitioner community is set to expand considerably in the coming years.

The Chair in Restorative Justice will play a pivotal role in carrying this momentum forward in an academically credible and practice-focused way.

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Neighbourhood Support

Do you have a Neighbourhood Support Group operating in your street/road?

Where Neighbourhood Support Groups are operating the rate of crime is greatly reduced and in times of civil emergencies everyone knows each other.

Neighbourhood Support is a FREE service.  The Coordinators can arrange a meeting with you, your neighbours and a Community Constable. They also provide an information pack to each household including stickers for your doors and letter box and arrange for a street sign to go up.

For more information please contact Neighbourhood Support Group on 06 344 6746, by e-mail or call into our office at the Whanganui East Community Police station.

Restorative Schools

Restorative Schools, based in Christchurch, help to create strong, healthy, functioning schools, workplaces and communities, through building, enhancing and restoring relationships.

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Restorative Practice Aotearoa

Restorative Practices Aotearoa (RPA) is the professional association representing the growing number of New Zealand providers of Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices. RPA is the professional accreditation body for New Zealand providers of restorative practices.

RPA was incorporated as Restorative Justice Aotearoa in 2005 and was changed to Restorative Practices Aotearoa in April 2015 following a special general meeting.

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Margaret Thorsborne and Associates

Margaret Thorsborne and Associates are an international consultancy committed to the provision of outstanding services to schools, communities and workplaces to achieve transformational change through restorative practice.

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Restorative Practices International

Restorative Practices International (RPI) is a not-for-profit, independent, professional member association based in Australia.  RPI supports the development of restorative practice in schools, prisons, workplaces, organisations, families and communities.

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Canberra Restorative Community

The Canberra Restorative Community is a growing network of practitioners, professionals, academics and others, based in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Through the mechanism of the ACT Restorative Justice Network, the Canberra Restorative Community aim to connect leaders in order to expand restorative justice principles and practice across the Canberra community.

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