About Our Work in the Community

The word “Community” can mean a whole city of people, a suburb of people and anywhere a group of people interact together such as neighbours, family, sports teams, religious groups etc.

Restorative practice builds and maintains positive relationships and transforms harm caused to relationships in any type of community.


International Restorative Week

International Restorative Justice Week is held towards the end of November and we're pleased to have had a presence in our local newspapers: Chronicle: Chronicle article 22.11.16 River City Press: RCP article 25.11.16

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What is Restorative Practice in Education?

Whanganui Girls' College having been implementing restorative practice in their school for over 5 years. Click here to read an article about this: Whanganui Girls College - 18.8.16 (printed in our local River City Press, dated 18.8.16).

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International connections, NZ conference, learning opportunities - it's all in our latest newsletter!  Click here: September Newsletter-2016

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